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St. Anne's Church, Bailieborough

The present church was built in 1834. It replaced a long thatched chapel on the same site. The parish priest at the time was Philip O'Reilly, a native of Drumgora in the parish of Lurgan. A tower and belfry were added in 1856 and further extensions and renovations were carried out in 1960. In 2001 a room for parents and children was provided as well as facilities for disabled people.

The Stations of the cross in the church are by George Collie.

St. Anne's Church, Killann

St. Anne's church, Killann - erected in 1837 - chapel at Kilcrosbawn (Lewis). In the last decade of the 20th century this church was greatly overhauled and improved under the direction of the resident curate Rev. Patrick Young CC.

In the Jubilee Year 2000 St. Anne's Holy Well in Killann experienced a revival (after almost 175 years) in the form of a parochial pilgrimage. Resident curate, Rev. Tom McManus CC was pilgrim celebrant and leader on behalf of participants from Shercock, Killann and adjoining areas. Water from the well was blessed and used as a blessing for the aged and incapacitated, homes in the parish and traditional blessings on farms and livestock, etc.

The old tradition of the pattern was celebrated on July 26th each year.

 St. Patrick's Church, Shercock

St. Patrick's church was built in 1841 by Francis Mason CC. The local landlord Adams donated the present site of the church and the oldest area of the burial ground. Construction was delayed when the roof was blown off by the famous 'Big Wind' of 1839. The original was a basic barn style building, with two thirds seating capacity and standing space at the back. The organ loft, interior porch, stations of the cross, etc were added after the First Vatican Council. More renovations took place in 1954, which included the addition of stained glass windows, a modernised floor with tiled aisles and entrance area. Old seats were restored and new ones supplied.

The Second Vatican Council brought about more change with advanced expensive reconstruction and dedication in 1987/88. The church has also recently been painted inside and out and now looks in excellent condition.