Monday, 20 Jan, 2020

Synod on the Family

Synod on the Family Consultation

In January Bishop Leo sent a request to priests, religious, pastoral councils, laity in the diocese of Kilmore to reflect on issues concerning the family in preparation for the second half of the extraordinary synod of Bishops on the family in Rome call by Pope Francis in Autumn 2015. Feedback will be collated and sent to the Irish Episcopal Conference before forwarding to Rome. 

The Lineamenta for the synod may be helpful for personal and group refection. You can download it on the following link:

Synod on the Family

The following questions below might be helpful for reflection and to highlight some of the possible issues:

Simplified version of the seven questionsfrom the Synod Preparatory Document

10.How are people being helped to see the value of lifelong commitment in marriage?

11.How can people be helped to see how faith in God can help and enrich marriage, and how it brings blessings on marriage and sustains couples in lifelong love?

12.How can couples living together be helped to enter into marriage?

13.How can couples in the early years of marriage be helped and supported?

14.What kinds of families are most in need of help? How can they best be helped? How can we remove factors that can make life difficult for families?

15.How can families with ‘gay’ members best be helped?

16.How can parents be motivated and helped in their duty to hand on the faith to their children?